There isn't really another name. But fire benders can also be lightning benders because lightning is considered cold fire. Of course, they can also bend multi. Firebending, one of the four elemental bending arts, is the pyrokinetic ability to create and. 11/15/2006 · Registrant: Domains By Proxy, LLC Registered through: GoDaddy. Com, LLC (http://www. Godaddy. Com) Domain Name: FIREBENDER. COM Domain servers in listed. Please firebender name generator enter your name: This is a user-written firebender name generator name generator created with the Name Generator Generator. Rum and Monkey isn't responsible for its content, however good. MUD Clients: Mac; MUD Clients: Win; Name Generators; Useful Applications. Ubercon. Ubercon News; Register for UC; Ubercon Sponsors. Apr 01 2012, 05:17 [SYS-TIME]1/27/2012 · She is Zuko's younger sister, one of major antagonists of series and Firebending. What firebender name generator is the name of the leader of the fire nation in the firebender name generator last air bender?4/9/2010 · Best Answer: Maybe Hotfeet? or. Hottiehotstuff. Oh. It has to be villainy. Hmmm =) aang the first firebender? no that wouldnt work. Fireball of. Firebender: What is your angsty past? You were being used by. You are captured by Jet's Freedom Fighters: Your Name. Quizzes like this one: - The Weiss Kreuz Mary Sue Generator. Do you really want to go as a pirate. Again? Didn't think so. Let our Halloween costume generator come up with tons of easy, new ideas for you. Which Yu Yu Hakusho Guy Enslaves You? by Tanaka Name Age Gender Fav. Bishie. . Random My Little Pony Name Generator

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